How To Take Care Of Your Sex Toys?

Did you know that, in March, there’s a “National Worship of Tools Day”?




And yes, my dirty mind went someplace else too. So don’t worry.


Apparently, it’s a day you’re supposed to give your tools some extra TLC- like sharpening, cleaning, oiling, storage etc. It makes sense. It also got me thinking about sex toy care and caring for these important “tools”.


This cheeky, butt spanking, harsh-reality guide will help you care for your sex toys and get as much life out of them as possible.





I hope none of you are using a sex toy, and you’re not sure what it’s made from – because that’s bad.  If you don’t know, go back to the seller’s page and read the details before you play with it again.


Having toys that stay with you for years really begins …

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8 Romantic BDSM Ideas To Get More Kinky

We’re not talking about BDSM in romance novels, no. We’re talking about the romantic BDSM that can be done in the bedroom.


“But, romantic?!” you ask. “I thought BDSM was all about spanking and being dominant or mean.”


Nope, Bondage, Dominance/Submission, and Sadomasochism can be on ANY end of the spectrum. It can be feather-light contact and a gentle, loving touch. You don’t have to tie someone down when you can keep them in place with your eyes – a passionate stare that shows how badly you want them.


Here are some ways you can take the intense world of BDSM and tone it down into something less intimidating.





Instead of dripping wax over your partner’s body, use your candles for romantic ambiance. OR if you’re REALLY interested in using them for something other than light, there are “massage candles”  – …

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