Preparing For Your First Urethral Sound Experience

Do you have experience with introducing penis plug? Then you can slowly increase the intensity of the stimulation and dare to bigger models. For example, try to introduce a dilator a little deeper into you. That’s no problem with a Pratt dilator. These rods are longer than average and are specifically designed to penetrate deep into your body. Or you reach for a Van Buren with its J-shape, which irritates the prostate. How about a Rosebud dilator to stimulate the bladder? You can now try vibrating models and explore how the vibrations feel. Here is the guide to urethral sounding.

The right size for your dilator

As important as the model is the right size. First, the basics: All dilators have different thicknesses and cross sections. The narrowest dilators start at a diameter of 1.5 mm to 2 mm. The largest dilators have a diameter of up to 15 mm. …

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Unlocking Your Vagina’s Potential Through Ben Wa Balls

In the past, mentioning the word “sextoys” or “ball of Ben Wa” made all women blush. However, some women have managed today to overcome this embarrassment. But for those who are not yet ready to pronounce the word “sextoys” without blushing, you must know that nowadays sextoys have become almost indispensable objects for women. Why are String Ben Wa Balls recommended for beginners? Let’s check it out.

The doctors even specify that the use of certain sextoys have a beneficial effect on his physical and moral health. What is the relationship between the perineum and the sextoys? The perineum is a set of muscles presented in rhombus; most women do not have sufficient knowledge of their own sex. The question that often remains unanswered remains to know how to rehabilitate his perineum. What is the purpose of the perineum, because often we only know that we must take care of …

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Adding Yoni Eggs To Your Collection of Accessories

Ever since the success of Fifty Shades of Gray they are on everyone’s lips: love balls. But what exactly is that? Love ball come in many different designs, from small to large, made of different materials, individually or as a chain. Originally from Asia, they were brought to France in the 18th century.The balls consist of an outer shell and a movable, heavier core, so that they vibrate gently during movement or generate vibrations. When introduced into the vagina, they stimulate the vaginal walls.

In addition, there are now love balls with built-in vibrators and electric stimulators and special balls for anal use. Most balls are equipped with return threads so that they can easily be pulled out of the sheath again.

Many women find it very erotic and stimulating to wear this ball in everyday life as a kind of secret. It can also be a very tingling experience …

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