About Samantha

Samantha was a psychology major in college when she experienced a lot of difficult situations that involved her partner. She was your typical i-will-do-anything-for-love lady, who did not care about anyone, including herself, just to satisfy the ego of her partner.

It was only after a few years after college when she was in the most difficult time of her life. She has experienced abuse in all sorts. That’s when she realized that no one deserves to experience the same thing ever. She got helped from her friends and family and got out of every shitty relationship. That’s when she started to get her life back together.

With all these experiences, she wanted to share her story with the world. She got helped to set-up her blog where she told every story she could ever tell that includes key learnings from each relationship and every difficulty she encountered. A lot of people were able to relate and said that Samantha has helped a lot of them get out of the same situation.

Today, she continues to write for restoringyourrelationship.com, but now works with a team of amazing writers and story-tellers who have been in the same situation. Many of her writers were also readers of restoringyourrelationship.com and want to share their stories of inspiration.

Aside from weekly contents, Samantha has launched premium services to those who greatly need help in terms of their dating, love, and relationship. She also started doing talks to events, and get invited to participate in conventions that promote the same goal.