Adding Yoni Eggs To Your Collection of Accessories

Ever since the success of Fifty Shades of Gray they are on everyone’s lips: love balls. But what exactly is that? Love ball come in many different designs, from small to large, made of different materials, individually or as a chain. Originally from Asia, they were brought to France in the 18th century.The balls consist of an outer shell and a movable, heavier core, so that they vibrate gently during movement or generate vibrations. When introduced into the vagina, they stimulate the vaginal walls.

In addition, there are now love balls with built-in vibrators and electric stimulators and special balls for anal use. Most balls are equipped with return threads so that they can easily be pulled out of the sheath again.

Many women find it very erotic and stimulating to wear this ball in everyday life as a kind of secret. It can also be a very tingling experience for the partner to know that the woman is wearing love balls and thus well excited.

Let’s first of all clarify for all those who love balls actually are. Love balls are also known as lust beads or orgasm balls. The balls are attached to a string and are inserted into the female genitalia. Due to a return cord, similar to a tampon, you can easily remove them. In these balls, which are mostly made of plastic, there is a smaller, heavy metal ball. If the wearer moves, vibrations are generated. Due to the vibrations, the pelvic floor muscles contract a little and are thus trained in the end. If you’re feeling a little stressed or having menstrual cramps, this is the perfect time for the yoni egg detox.

Generally it can be said that training with love balls makes more desire for sex. For most women, wearing the balls is incredibly exciting. Especially in public, this can be a very enjoyable affair.

Why every woman should use love balls

There are few thoughts about the pelvic floor muscles, although it is an important topic. For many women, the pelvic floor is either untrained or overstretched. Over-stretching is the result of pregnancies. Untrained pelvic floor muscles can lead to incontinence in the longer term, for example triggered by laughing fits or heavy sneezing. This can be explained by the proximity of the sphincter of the bladder to the pelvic floor muscles. To counteract such overstretching or untrainedness, love balls can be considered as an optimal training device.

Everyone knows that a trained muscle is a firm muscle. This also applies to the pelvic floor muscles. Here the training of the vaginal entrance area narrows. Due to the trained tightening of the pelvic floor muscles, one senses the penetration of the partner more intensively. This eventually leads to an intoxicating and long-lasting orgasm. The love balls only bring benefits to the woman. But with her, the benefits do not stop. The man can also benefit from her training with the love balls . Due to the tightness of the vaginal area during training, his penis is incredibly stimulated during penetration and so you give him a more intense climax. It does not matter if you love balls to increase your desire to exercise or preventively train your pelvic floor muscles, you are doing you, your body and even your partner with it in any case something good.

What kind of love balls suits me?

Love balls are available in an incredible number of variations. Due to the different sizes, shapes, materials, colors and weight classes, you can almost feel overwhelmed by the selection at the beginning. But do not despair, we can help you with this:

The most important decision criterion is the weight class. For beginners it is recommended to start with lighter balls. Light love balls are approximately 2.5 cm in diameter. They are not only suitable for beginners, but also good for sensitive types. The heavy love balls are about 3 – 4.5 cm in diameter and fit optimally to advanced and women who have a pregnancy behind them. The remaining choices are of secondary importance and can be determined by individual preferences and desires. At this point, the pelvic floor trainer Elvie should be mentioned. It is specifically designed to train the pelvic floor and has the same effect as love balls.Elvie is especially recommended if you want to measure your progress. With an app, it can be connected to your smartphone and you have the opportunity to track your training successes.

How to use the vaginal balls correctly?

  • First you have to remember the rules of hygiene, and do not use a few balls with a girlfriend. Before use, they must be thoroughly washed or applied with an antiseptic gel. Lubricate the balls with a lubricant to avoid discomfort during exercise.
  • Place the balls in a lying or lying position in the vagina. Climb into the vertical position and start training.
  • First, you should learn how to keep them. To do this, you need the muscles that you can stop urinating, “closing” the output of the balls. That will be enough for the first time.
  • The next level of training will be alternating relaxation and muscle tension. Again, we emphasize that vaginal balls are inserted, lying down and exercises are performed while standing.
  • Well, the hardest exercise is walking with balls. Start by walking around the house, and then you can even walk on the street with them.
  • But remember that when using vaginal balls for the regularity of exercise is important. That is, do 10 minutes of exercises, but each day is better than once a week, but by the hour. And do not exaggerate it in the beginning.

How do you use vaginal balls for exercise?

In the previous paragraph we have described the basic principles of exercises. And there is no particular complex, it all depends on your wishes. We offer only a few examples of exercises.

Hold the balls. Just hold the balls inside for some time (better start with 1-2 minutes, and the maximum is not limited). If that’s not enough for you, you can either turn the balls into more complex ones or hang the weights on the rope.

  • Move the balls up and down the vagina. Do not worry, if you do not succeed immediately, you will eventually master this exercise.
  • Try to release the balls one at a time from the vagina, ie push them out.

Pull the cord, try to get the bullets out of the vagina, and the muscles will resist and not release them.