Have a Slice of Our Success

Joining the Restoring Your Relationship Group is a winning investment. We have developed into a company with the image that prizes audience and visitors above anything else. This is due to the fact that we are always up to date with current trends, keeping a keen eye to what people are looking for.


Franchising Since
2018 (1 Year)

Corporate Address
2210 J. Woods
Chicago, IL 60607

Samantha Molina

Financial Requirements
Initial Investment
$158,000 – $200,000

Liquid Cash Requirement

Ongoing Fees
Initial Franchise Fee
$45,000 – $55,000

Ongoing Royalty Fee

Ad Royalty Fee

Financing Options

Restoring Your Relationship blog are in partnership with third-party sources which offer financing to cover the costs from day to day in pursuance of sustaining a good and reliable relationship material source.

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