8 Romantic BDSM Ideas To Get More Kinky

We’re not talking about BDSM in romance novels, no. We’re talking about the romantic BDSM that can be done in the bedroom.


“But, romantic?!” you ask. “I thought BDSM was all about spanking and being dominant or mean.”


Nope, Bondage, Dominance/Submission, and Sadomasochism can be on ANY end of the spectrum. It can be feather-light contact and a gentle, loving touch. You don’t have to tie someone down when you can keep them in place with your eyes – a passionate stare that shows how badly you want them.


Here are some ways you can take the intense world of BDSM and tone it down into something less intimidating.





Instead of dripping wax over your partner’s body, use your candles for romantic ambiance. OR if you’re REALLY interested in using them for something other than light, there are “massage candles”  – …

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The Adventures Of Steph Slackhouse In China

It’s not just splits, hair spray, and fun – today we get an inside glimpse into queen Stephanie Slackhouse, her experiences with drag, what it was like to evolve her art in China’s less-than-welcoming attitude towards the craft.


SIDE NOTE – apologies on being tucked into the kink category, Stephanie (you’re not a sex toy or a sex tip, so this was the house you landed in for now, but it’s okay we have kinky cookies).



What was the first moment you thought “Hey, this drag queen thing is amazing! I want in on that!”


I’d say that it was years ago. Maybe when I was in my early 20s I would have seen my first Queens performing in South London, many of whom are still performing there today.


They really impressed me. Their voice. Their entertainment value. Their skills in commanding a stage. From …

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AIDS Awareness 101

While December is International AIDS Awareness, March is AIDS Awareness for Women and Girls. Instead of writing an article that simply restates the same details, here is a collection of infographics that you can save, share, and use to inform and educate.


SIDE NOTE: Some of the text might be small, but you can save the image to read it better. Also, some of the graphics might be older, but there’s still plenty of good information in there.

















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Sex Toys: Know everything before you buy

Vibrators, masturbators, clitoral stimulants, anal plugs, pulsators and much more there are numerous sex toys available in the market. To date, the range of sex toys is very large; they are made from different materials, different sizes and purposes. However, there is a rule that is relevant for any sex product – use with grease or choose the best lube for sex toys! About how to choose the right lubricant for sex toys, we’ll talk in this article.

First of all, you should understand why the use of intimate lubricants, when in contact with toys, is so important. If it is submersible toys: vaginal and anal vibrators, plugs, dildos, balls, nozzles, etc., the lubricant is necessary to minimize the risk of microtraumas and crack in the mucous membranes. And when in contact with a toy, even from the softest material, this danger is very great. With male masturbators, …

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