Preparing For Your First Urethral Sound Experience

Do you have experience with introducing penis plug? Then you can slowly increase the intensity of the stimulation and dare to bigger models. For example, try to introduce a dilator a little deeper into you. That’s no problem with a Pratt dilator. These rods are longer than average and are specifically designed to penetrate deep into your body. Or you reach for a Van Buren with its J-shape, which irritates the prostate. How about a Rosebud dilator to stimulate the bladder? You can now try vibrating models and explore how the vibrations feel. Here is the guide to urethral sounding.

The right size for your dilator

As important as the model is the right size. First, the basics: All dilators have different thicknesses and cross sections. The narrowest dilators start at a diameter of 1.5 mm to 2 mm. The largest dilators have a diameter of up to 15 mm. You can buy a dilator set containing rods of various sizes. So you can step by step on more comprehensive models and find out which dilator size you prefer. The shape plays a big role in the stimulation. Dead straight bars feel less pressure and strain than models with a structure or a smooth waveform. You can find great deals for sale on lustplugs, penis sounding toys and urethral toys for women as well.


Almost all dilators are made of high quality surgical steel. This is medical grade stainless steel that is particularly smooth. This material is sterile. They are easy to introduce because they offer little resistance and are easy to control. Through their straight form they penetrate deep into you. Another variant is silicone dilators. They are ideal for men who want to try a dilator for the first time. Your soft silicone material is not so stiff and inflexible and expands only inside your penis. However, you feel less stimulation because they adapt to your body.

How do you use a dilator?

Are you ready for your first time? At first it is unusual to use the dilator. But if you act cautiously and consider our step-by-step instructions, nothing stands in the way of great pleasure.

Step-by-step preparation plan:

Relax and lie comfortably on your back. Ideal is a stable surface like your bed or the sofa, where you can spread out properly. When you try out the dilator with your partner, he or she kneels beside you in a comfortable position.

Before the adventure you should jump in the shower and wash yourself and your penis thoroughly. The goal is to remove superficial bacteria.

If you want to be sure, you’ll put on latex gloves. So you do not touch the dilator with your bare hands, and bacteria have no chance to invade you.

Do you have a set? Arrange the sticks in order of size so you can test yourself slowly. With a cotton swab and mild disinfectant you clean the dilators of bacteria or viruses. If you have disinfected everything, the fun can start!

Introduction technique for straight dilators

?Is everything ready? Then it’s time for your first adventure with a dilator. The following step-by-step plan is a rough guide – follow your own instinct and do only what feels good to you. You are allowed to proceed at your own pace. You do not learn the practice by reading the theory. You’ll soon realize that the more experience you have with it, the easier it is to insert and play with a dilator. For your first try you should take enough time and not despair if it does not work directly.

Are you right-handed? Then you insert the dilator with your right hand. With your left hand you hold the penis in a straight position. Carefully spread the opening on the glands. You should push back your foreskin.

Distribute enough lubricant at the end of the dilator and on your urethra and the opening in the glands. Do not overdo it! The grip of your urethra thinner should be free of lubrication. Otherwise, it can become slippery and you lose control of the dilator.

Only insert the dilator when your penis is not in an upright position. The penis must be limp all the time, even during the removal. Otherwise, the likelihood of infection is greater.

Unless you are allergic to certain ingredients, you can use all types of lubricants. Make sure that you do not use silicone silicones with silicone or oil-based lubricant! Ready? Hold your penis straight up (at a 90 ° angle, as seen from the body). Gently press the tip of the dilator into the entrance of the urethra until it is about one inch (2.5 cm) inside you.


Take a deep breath!

Carefully drive on to insert the rest of the staff. By gravity, the penis plug automatically slides down. It is your job to control and guide him. Never push the dilator with force into you; otherwise you’ll hurt the urethra! If it does not go on by itself, carefully stretch the penis by pulling it up and down. This stretches the urethra and the dilator finds its way.

Input technique for Van Buren dilators and other shapes

?If your dilator is slightly bent, you have to work with a different technique. Follow the instructions above until you have inserted the dilator about a thumb’s width. Then it goes on like this: Once the dilator is a thumb’s breadth in you, you’ll slightly change the angle of your penis. Move slowly towards the testicles to form a 45 ° angle.

Then gently push the penis back up. With that you follow the bend in your dilator and lead it slowly and carefully into you. Over time, it will automatically sink down to your bladder and prostate.

Hold the handle firmly in your hand and direct it in the right direction by carefully moving it at the end.

This is how you remove the dilator

?Always remove the dilator slowly and carefully. If you exhale deeply, you almost push the stick out by itself. Does that feel good to you? Then you can continue to play and the urethra dildo up and down until you come to orgasm or the feeling is no longer pleasant. You are experienced and would like to use dilators in several sizes? After you have removed the smallest size, you can use the stretch directly and continue with the next larger rod. You should then stop when it is most beautiful – as soon as it only feels uncomfortable in the beginning, the session is over.