Please note, we get a lot of press and media requests from media organisations or people wanting speakers and quotes, but please do understand that Restoring Your Relationship (RYR) website is ran by certain people as well as volunteers in their spare time, having day jobs. We are not usually able to talk to the press/media without prior notice.

If you contact us with a request for press access or are looking for a contributor to a radio or TV discussion, your message will be forwarded to a group of editors and writers who have expressed an interest in responding to media/press requests. If any of them are willing to get back to you then they will contact you directly.

Please email and include the following information in order to improve your chances of a response:

-The name of the newspaper or magazine you are working for, if you are a journalist.
-The name of your organization, if you are seeking someone to speak at your event
-Email and telephone contact details
-The fee that you have available

The reply you will get on any given day will very much depend on who has picked up your request or inquiry.

As contributors, we have all read things we don’t agree with on the site. We see this diversity of opinion as a strength. But since we speak as writers, we are free to express what we have in mind.