Have you thought about goals for your #REALationship?

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know we’re not fans of the hashtag #relationshipgoals. We’re not about some highlight reel on social media. We’re about the #realationshipgoals.
(Ya with us?)

The goals we should really be aiming for and celebrating.

We first got introduced to this concept years ago. We were at a stale place in our relationship and we wanted to have a common goal to strive for. (It was a fitness goal!) As we were going through the process, we realized how we didn’t ever set goals for things we wanted to co-create together in our marriage.

We had these kind of unspoken goals or wishes. Some sneaky expectations. But we never laid out clearly, the goals were aiming at together and individually.


Every year we set goals for our marriage.
And every year we do our best to achieve them.

They’ve been goals like:

• Try therapy together
• Go on a road trip
• Call each other out kindly when acting from ego
• Join a co-ed sports team
• Practice gratitude almost everyday
• Buy a home
• Practice active listening
• Take turns supporting each other through school
• Reduce temper tantrums

They’re not shiny or exciting but they’re awesome.

This year we have 4 goals:

1. Become debt free 
2. Go on a summer adventure
3. Individual goals (Taylor is going to keep fact checking her stories to work on insecurity in herself and the relationship, Jake is going to continue his work on sharing his thoughts and feelings on a regular basis)
4. Celebrate everything! (We love to celebrate the good AND the bad—we order pizza a lot.) It’s about celebrating that we’re learning, we still like each other, and that we’re human!

Okay, your turn friend. What are YOUR REAL-ationship goals? Leave em below and let’s talk about them!