Sex Toys: Know everything before you buy

Vibrators, masturbators, clitoral stimulants, anal plugs, pulsators and much more there are numerous sex toys available in the market. To date, the range of sex toys is very large; they are made from different materials, different sizes and purposes. However, there is a rule that is relevant for any sex product – use with grease or choose the best lube for sex toys! About how to choose the right lubricant for sex toys, we’ll talk in this article.

First of all, you should understand why the use of intimate lubricants, when in contact with toys, is so important. If it is submersible toys: vaginal and anal vibrators, plugs, dildos, balls, nozzles, etc., the lubricant is necessary to minimize the risk of microtraumas and crack in the mucous membranes. And when in contact with a toy, even from the softest material, this danger is very great. With male masturbators, the situation is similar, since the area of ??contact between the mucous membrane and the surface of the toy is quite large. Moreover, the use of a masturbator with a lubricant makes penetration as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

But for example, external stimulators, such as vibro rings, vacuum clitoral stimulants, and external mini-vibrators can be used without lubricant, since the contact of these toys with the mucous membrane is not so great, and therefore the risk of injury is less. However, additional lubrication for sex toys will be an excellent conductor for vibration, and with it the stimulation from an intimate accessory will turn out to be many times brighter.

What lubricants are suitable for toys?

In order to answer this question, you need to understand what material the product is made from:

For toys made of porous materials, such as cyber skin, neo skin, latex, gel and others, choose only neutral water-based lubricants. Even water lubricants, but for example, flavoring or odor for such products is better not to take, because the smell or dye can leave marks on the toy;

Medical silicone is the most optimal material for making sex toys. Suitable for him are water and silicone based lubricants. However, most manufacturers recommend using all the same water lubricants. A silicone-based lubricant will not spoil a toy, but with frequent use it can change its surface. There are no restrictions on water lubricants here, you can use it with any additives and any consistency, and no trace will remain. With TPE, TPD and other materials similar in porosity, the rules are the same;

Metal, plastic, glass and ceramics are inert to any lubricants. You can use any intimate lubricant you like with them. Of course, except for improvised means, like petrolatum or body oil.

Dealing with difficulties

However, if you are not 100% sure how porous the material of your toy is, or if you have a lot of devices, different in material and purpose, there is a universal way out. Every lubricant manufacturer has a water based base for example Super glide from the company Hot, JO Personal Lubricant H2O, Swiss Navy, water-based and others. Such lubricants can be used for sex with a partner, or with toys from any material, be it silicone, metal, ultra skin, PVC, TPE, etc. They are odorless, easily washed off with water and do not leave marks. These lubricants are optimal for use with all sex devices. Also, their consistency is often as close as possible to natural lubrication, which means for masturbators this is an ideal choice.

Some manufacturers of sex toys develop special lubricants for their products. For example, the firm produces a water-based Toy fluid lubricant, which is ideal for their toys. All the toys of this company are made from high-quality medical silicone; it has a special slightly rough surface, so that the lubricant does not roll off the toy, but envelops its entire surface. We-vibe (Canada) also has a lubricant they offer for their products – We-vibe lube. Probes of this lubricant are included when buying a toy.