Top 6 Anal Vibrators to Add Up to Your Backdoor Fun

Anal vibrators are especially meant to stimulate your backdoor. It’s not safe to use regular vibrators on your backdoor that are mostly designed for clit stimulation as they don’t have a flared end. But, anal vibrators are strategically designed with flared base that prevent them from getting lost inside the anus. Anal vibrators are amazingly sexy and can be used for solo play as well as with your partner. In fact, unlike the vibrators for clit stimulation, these vibrators can be enjoyed by men as well for awesome prostate stimulation.

Are you planning to try out anal vibrators but having a hard time finding the right one? Well, no worries, the post below shares a brief on some of the best anal vibrators for you in the current market.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler

You have a super powerful butt plug vibrator here that will reward you with perfect orgasms to the tee. The great part is this anal vibrator glides smoothly through your backdoor and is safe for all level of anal players. So, even if this is your first time with anal vibration, this Butt Tingler from Lovehoney will be a comfortable option for you. You have a 10 function toy here that comes with three vibration patterns and two vibration speeds. Brownie points for its intelligent T-shaped end that prevents the toy from getting lost inside the anus.

And yes, this gem of an anal vibrator is a breeze to clean and maintain. In regards to price, it’s quite an affordable option as well.


Lelo has carved a niche for itself with its plush adult toys and this new anal vibrator from the company truly lives up to the brand’s stellar reputation. If you are looking for a luxe anal vibrator for your special nights, you can vouch on this vibrator hands down.

The vibrator boasts as many as six pleasure settings which make it a fantastic pick for new exciting stimulations that you are craving for. The toy is fully rechargeable and body safe. So, you don’t have to worry about allergies or such unwanted concerns that are usual with cheap toys. And yes, the toy is sent in a gorgeous luxury box that you are sure to love.

Now, it’s true that the beautiful Billy is little on the pricey side. But then, luxury never comes cheap. On the final note, Billy is worth every penny you for.

Petite waterproof 7 function anal vibrator

You have a sleek and classy anal vibrator here which promises hours of seamless anal fun. It’s bulb-shaped head is strategically designed to titillate you with a mindblowing stimulation and its tapered end assures a comfortable anal exploration- even if it’s your first time. The best part of the toy is surely its 7 kinds of vibration patterns which allow you to enjoy the toy just the way you wish to. Mention must be made of its smooth silicone make that guarantees an effortless insertion of the toy through backdoor. Besides, the toy is lightweight and easy to handle, thanks to its petite size.

Are you aspiring to enjoy some anal vibration fun in shower? Well, in that case, you can swear by the Petite toy as its 100% waterproof for safe water fun.

Wet & Wild Waterproof Anal Play Vibrator

For all those who love to enjoy anal fun in shower, here is another one on the list. This Wet and Wild toy is specifically made for sexy showers and it also comes with a handy shower hook. It’s 100% waterproof and safely submersible which means you can even carry it in the bathtub.

The vibrator has earned rave reviews for its flexible shaft which makes it easier to use in comparison to other anal vibes with stiff shaft. Not only that, the flexible shaft also assures more pleasure and safety during insertion. Another great part about the toy is surely its wide array of as many as 10 vibration patterns. No matter which level of intensity you prefer, you will certainly find your answer here.

It’s a mid-range product and is more fun while enjoyed in shower. You certainly have an ideal buddy to take shower sex with your partner to the next level.

Trinity Vibes Inflatable vibrating anal plug

You have a solid inflatable and vibrating anal plug here that assures the best of anal fun- whether you are flying solo or enjoying with your partner. Its inflatable bulb can be pumped up as per your preferences till you achieve that desired full feeling. On the other hand, its graduated size and curved shape assures a breezy and painless insertion. The toy runs on two AA batteries which you will have to buy yourself. However, this toy is especially meant for mid-level or experienced anal vibe users.

Lovense Hush

Claimed to be the best versatile butt plug vibrators ever, this beauty truly lives up to its golden claims.

Hush is a durable and plush anal vibrator which can render a special edge to your anal vibe sessions. Whether you wish to use it alone or with your man, you will always have a rewarding session either way.

The coolest bit about the vibrator is its unlimited range of vibe variations which surely makes it a top pick. The toy works in sync with a smartphone app and you can monitor it through your smartphone only. When it comes to best customizable anal vibes, Hush surely takes the cake away. What more, users can even sync up the toy with their favorite songs in the smartphone to make the experience even more special.

Besides, since it’s a wireless toy, you can easily carry the vibe on-the-go. And despite all these advanced features, Hush is a game to use even for the beginners.


On the other hand, if you are into small vibrators, lovegasm is the place to be.

Final words

As anal vibrators can be used by both men and women alike, couples usually love to share the toy among themselves to double up the fun. While that’s no doubt sexy, don’t forget the safety part here. If you plan to share, always get two sets of condoms while using it. Make sure to change the condom while handing it out to your partner after you have used it for yourself.