Unlocking Your Vagina’s Potential Through Ben Wa Balls

In the past, mentioning the word “sextoys” or “ball of Ben Wa” made all women blush. However, some women have managed today to overcome this embarrassment. But for those who are not yet ready to pronounce the word “sextoys” without blushing, you must know that nowadays sextoys have become almost indispensable objects for women. Why are String Ben Wa Balls recommended for beginners? Let’s check it out.

The doctors even specify that the use of certain sextoys have a beneficial effect on his physical and moral health. What is the relationship between the perineum and the sextoys? The perineum is a set of muscles presented in rhombus; most women do not have sufficient knowledge of their own sex. The question that often remains unanswered remains to know how to rehabilitate his perineum. What is the purpose of the perineum, because often we only know that we must take care of it and that re-education sessions are required after childbirth?

Why do you have to strengthen your perineum?

The perineum is composed of an anal triangle and a urogenital triangle. It is this muscle that ensures the proper functioning of the sphincters of all women. The sphincters control our urination (or urination) when going to the bathroom. Thanks to the perineum, these sphincters are firm. Thus, a perineum in good shape, allows urination without problems. It is therefore an important reason that one must take care of one’s perineum especially when you do not want to be a victim of incontinence at age 50. Thus, the good shape of his perineum remains essential. For this, many women who use sex toys, including Ben Wa balls, which are actually sextoys. But they are also the best tools to make the perineum firm and in perfect shape.

How to use the Ben Wa balls?

Ben Wa balls, as the name suggests, are small balls connected together by a cord, they are usually metal. These balls are to be introduced into the female sex. The balls of Ben Wa will cause contractions of the muscular walls of the perineum once introduced into the vagina. If you are lucky enough to have a sexshop chic like passagedudesir.fr in your city, do not ask any question and go for it.

For good results, it is essential to stand up and be active. Indeed, wearing these balls once lying down will not produce enough effect. We can for example wear them to go shopping, no one can guess that we wear a sextoys, so we can join the useful to the pleasant. All women can adopt daily this special perinea gym. It is recommended to use these rehabilitation objects for a maximum of one hour and only twice a week at most.

Precautions to take before using a sextoy

In addition, to prevent all forms of infections, do not forget to wash them thoroughly after each use. On the market, we can now meet other more advanced forms of Ben wa balls. Besides the balls that are flexible, one can choose for example to use the vibrating Ben Wa balls and controllable from a remote control.

The Ben Wa balls, these two beads connected together by a thread, traditionally represent the balance between yin and yang. Like Yoni’s egg, they are from Asia, but this time from the Southeast of the continent (and not from Japan as their name evokes), where they were used to reinforce the sexual energy. If in our Western mind, they are still often considered a sextoy, they do not, in themselves, to provide pleasure. On the other hand, wearing them helps to tone the pelvic floor, to refine the inner sensations and to deepen the self-knowledge.

Recommended by many gynecologists, they are also used in the context of sex education, especially for women who have difficulty in penetration. By learning to put them alone, gradually, one appropriates the vaginal hollow, which facilitates the relaxation at the time of penetration.

Ben Wa balls after delivery to fight against urinary leakage

But if the Ben Wa balls are more and more popular, it is also and above all to rehabilitate the pelvic floor. This one supports the bladder, the uterus and the intestines. Its weakening can be related to menopause, obesity, very intense sports practice, or very frequently to pregnancy.

The Ben Wa balls then make it possible to tone all the muscles of the pelvic floor quite quickly. As shown by the users, 35, who discovered them several years after her delivery: they had regular mild urinary leakage, when they laughed for example. Their gynecologist advised them to try the Ben Wa balls. They wore them 10 minutes a day for 2 or 3 weeks. Since then, the problem seems solved.

Pearls to enhance the sexual pleasure of men and women

According to a user review she was looking for more to tone her perineum to intensify the orgasms of his partner and his own: she bought Ben Wa balls in a sex toy shop. She carried them while taking a shower or vacuuming. After only a few days, her partner felt the difference during sexual intercourse. As per her she can say that she too feels a difference: my pleasure is more intense. She have not reported since her doctor had explained that the hyper-tone of the perineum was not more desirable than its weakness.

Before using Ben Wa balls, ask your doctor for advice

While good quality Ben Wa balls can easily be found on the Internet or in specialist shops like loveballs, it is strongly recommended to seek advice from a doctor or midwife. Indeed, if we must at all costs to contract the perineum to prevent the balls go down, it probably means that we tend to push the organs down. Another form of rehabilitation is recommended in this case.

Ben Wa balls and Kegel beads, what’s the difference

Ben Wa balls are slightly different from Kegel pearls: the first ones have a fixed fastening system between the two balls while the seconds are connected together by cords that allow each pearl to be totally independent. one of the other. Kegel beads are used in a series of exercises of the same name.